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Hi, I am yet another Canadian on hubpages. I love technology and my house, so a lot of my hubpages will be house related, DIY reno or redecoration, or something to do with gadgets and computers.

Hopefully I'll get to know a bunch of other hubbers, so far it seems like a a pretty great community.

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    Getting Rid of Fleas

    4 years ago

    Getting rid of fleas can be a major hassle. At some point or another every pet owner will likely have to deal with dog fleas. Flea infestations can pose as a major health issue for your pet. The constant biting and...

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    Captain's Beds Are Great For Storage.

    4 years ago

    Creative storage solutions can enhance any room of the house. Try to think outside of the box. There are creative ways to expand your current storage space. Even the most meticulous people can always use extra storage...

  • 4

    Backless Bar Stools

    4 years ago

    Backless bar stools are sexy. I believe that most bar stools add some spice to living spaces. There is something exotic or classy or even forbidden about bar stools. Where did this association come from? My guess is...

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    New Ways To Use Ringback Tones

    4 years ago

    If you are a ringback tone fanatic, then you probably are already an expert in downloading and customizing your ringback library for all your incoming callers to hear. This hub is for all those cellphone users who have...

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    Aluminum Carports Advantages Over Garages

    4 years ago

     If you have considered getting a carport, you have probably already done quite a bit of research on what type and style to purchase.  When it comes to getting a carport, you don't just need to think about...

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